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How To Apply: Metal Coatings on Ceramic Objects
  Step One Surface preperation - This is an old ceramic pot that has a white glaze which is smooth and non-porus.  When starting with a glazed or smooth surface it is important to rem
How To Apply: Antique solutions on Bronze, Brass, or Copper
Instructions Bronze, Brass, or Copper 1. Prep the nonferrous metal completely by sandblasting or sanding 120 grit. 2. Clean the sanding residue off with Industrial Metal Supply Cleaner
How To Apply: Cupric Nitrate Patina
How To Apply: Ferric Nitrate Patina to Bronze
How to Apply: Liver of Sulfur Patina Application Cold or Hot
Ingredients approx. 50 grams Sulphurated potash (Liver of sulphur) 1 liter water Directions The amount of potash can be varied in a very wide range to produce different densities of bl
How To Apply: Metal Coating and Patina Application on Porous Surfaces
How To Apply: Metal Coatings B Part 1&2
The Metal Coatings are ground metal suspended in a non-toxic water based acrylic binder. They may be applied to both metal and non-metal surfaces such as glass, wood, ceramics, concrete, foa
How To Apply: Mixing & Applying "C" Metal Coating
How To Apply: Multipule Patinas on Ceramics with Metal Coatings
How To Apply: Permalac
Applying Permalac to any metal, any patina finish, or no patina 1. Insure that the surface is completely dry by heating with a heat gun or patina torch. 2. Spray or sponge on acet
How To Apply:Traditional Japanese Brown Patina
Japanese Brown is a brown patina for iron and steel, which may be applied hot or cold. This patina will create a golden color on bronze, brass, and copper.
How To Make and Apply: Copper Plating
Apply this formula to Iron & Steel to create a copper plated surface that you may patina. Cupric Sulfate :  125g  (4oz) Deionized Water :  250ml  (8oz) Nitric
How To: Creating Texture and Applying Waxes
How To: Prep Cold, Hot and other Metal Surfaces
How To: Traditional Rainbow Patina
Users should test Kodak D-76 Distilled Water 750.0 ml Metol 2.0 grams Sodium Sulfite, anhydrous 100.0 grams Hydroquinone 5 grams Borax 2.0 grams Water to make 1 liter Kodak D-76R Distill
Slate Black Patina Application
Wood Tannic Acid 30g Distilled Water 1 pint A pretreatment for various woods that do not contain natural tannis. Potassium Dichromate 30g Distilled Water 1 pint Test and dilute as needed,