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How To Apply: Cupric Nitrate Patina
How To Apply: Ferric Nitrate Patina to Bronze
How to Apply: Liver of Sulfur Patina Application Cold or Hot
Ingredients approx. 50 grams Sulphurated potash (Liver of sulphur) 1 liter water Directions The amount of potash can be varied in a very wide range to produce different densities of bl
How To Apply: Metal Coating and Patina Application on Porous Surfaces
How To Apply: Metal Coatings B Part 1&2
The Metal Coatings are ground metal suspended in a non-toxic water based acrylic binder. They may be applied to both metal and non-metal surfaces such as glass, wood, ceramics, concrete, foa
How To Apply: Mixing & Applying "C" Metal Coating
How To Apply: Multipule Patinas on Ceramics with Metal Coatings
How To Apply: Permalac
Applying Permalac to any metal, any patina finish, or no patina 1. Insure that the surface is completely dry by heating with a heat gun or patina torch. 2. Spray or sponge on acet
How To Apply:Traditional Japanese Brown Patina
Japanese Brown is a brown patina for iron and steel, which may be applied hot or cold. This patina will create a golden color on bronze, brass, and copper.
How To: Creating Texture and Applying Waxes
How To: Prep Cold, Hot and other Metal Surfaces
How To: Traditional Rainbow Patina
Slate Black Patina Application
Video: Blue Patina with plastic wrap
Ron Young demonstrates blue patina over Copper B metal coating painted onto a low fire clay body bisque. Plastic wrap is used to create random color patterns. Materials used: Copper B metal coating,