Chemistry for the Imagination is a response to the increasing difficulty of obtaining the myriad of materials, both hazardous and non-regulated, required by creative people.

Our Lab Manager, Kenneth Dunn, has a degree in Chemistry from Califormia State University East Bay and has been on the team since 2017.

Our Operations Manager, Matt Hill, is chemical engineer educated at Phillips Exeter Academy and the University of California Los Angeles. He has been managing chemical formulation and plant operations since 2001.

Our CEO, Dan Walters, holds a chemical engineering degree from Michigan Technological University (where he taught analytical and physical chemistry labs), and an MBA from Pepperdine's P/KE program. Dan was a senior manager with Chevron, and holds multinational patents in chemical processing and composition of matter.

Together, we have extensive technical expertise in formulation, handling and packaging of a broad range of chemicals and we strive to support you in harnessing the magic of the chemical world... Chemistry for the Imagination. Laboratory Company Picnic is a division of Copper Harbor Company, Inc.
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