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ACS Grade Solvents Acrylamide Adsorbents
Agarose Alkalis Alkyl Ammonium Compounds
Amino Acids and Derivatives Analytical Solutions Anti-bubble Additive Solutions
Atomic Absorption Standards Beta Amino Acids and Derivatives Biochemical Reagents
Biological Buffers Boiling Chips Boronic Acids
Buffers Carbohydrates and Derivatives Carboxylic Acid Salts
Catalysts Cellulose Derivatives Ceramides
Chemical Standards Chemical Test System Reagents Chiral Reagents
Chromatography Standards Color Standards Desiccants
Desiccators Detergents/Surfactants Dextrans
Dyes and Stains Elemental Standards Emulsifiers
Fatty Acids and Derivatives Fine Chemical Solutions Fine Chemicals
Fluorescent Reagents Fuel Standards Gel Stains
General Chemical Solutions Genomic DNA Glucose Analyzer Accessories
Glutathione-S-Transferase (GST) Products Glycoproteins Grignard Reagents
HPLC Grade Solvents High Purity Metals High Purity Solvents
Indicators Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) Standards Inhibitors
Inorganic Acids Inorganic Compounds Inorganic Ion Standards
Inorganic Salts LC Ion Exchange Media Lubricants/Oils
Materials Metal Alkoxides Metal Alkylamides
Metal Alloys Metal Hydrides Metal Oxides
Metallocenes Metals Molecular Sieves
Mounting Media Natural Products/Extracts Non-metallic Elements
Organometallic Compounds Organophosphorus Compounds Plasma Emission Standards
Polymers Precious Metals Pure Solvents
Resins Standard Solutions Sugars and Sugar Derivatives
TLC Adsorbents Vitamins Turbidity Standards
pH Indicator Paper pH Indicators carries a wide range of Spectrum products, including fine chemicals, reagent grade and hard to get chemicals.  However, we do not sell license-required controlled materials.
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Benzoyl Chloride, Reagent, ACS
Benzoyl Chloride, Reagent, ACS


Hexanes, HPLC, 98.5% Hexanes

n-Hexane, 95%

n-Hexane, 99%

n-Hexane, 95%, OmniSolv®