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Designed from ASTM E1272, Style 1, Class B requirements. 10 ml size has an enlarged funnel top for ease of filling. Provided with a hexagonal base flat ground for stability and a SAFE-GARD* bumper on sizes 25 ml and larger. Frequently used as receivers for the condensate from distillation procedures and sedimentation values of precipitates. Calibrated To Contain. These transparent cylinders have large molded-in graduations that are easy to read. Large rounded bases are ribbed for reinforcement and stability. Generous pour spout; size 10 ml has a conical top for easier filling and pouring. Non-wetting; calibrated TC/TD at 20C. Very good chemical, heat and impact resistance. Window-clear.
These Class A graduated cylinders are calibrated To Contain (TC) and have blue enamel graduations. The cylinder capacity is in accordance with ASTM E1272. The 10 ml size has a funnel top.
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Made of optically clear polystyrene and graduated to 100 ml. A dust cover is supplied with each cylinder for convenient, sterile work. Tested for sterility. Gamma radiation sterilized. The squat design make these translucent polypropylene cylinders more stable on the bench than traditional glass or plastic cylinders and result in fewer spills. They are easier to handle, particularly in confined spaces such as fume hoods. Molded-in graduations are overprinted in blue ink so they are easy to read. These cylinders have a unique self draining base that will allow wastewater to drain when inverted in a dishwasher. Capacity (ml): 50 Subdivision (ml): 1.0 Approx. H (mm): 218
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Capacity (ml): 100 Subdivision (ml): 1.0 Approx. H (mm): 248